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Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower

Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower is a supertall skyscraper in Pham Hung street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, Vietnam.

The complex consists of one 72-story office tower with the height of 350 m and two 48-story residence towers. Landmark 72 is located on an area of 46,054 m2and the total floor area is 609,673 m2, ranked 5th as the largest floor area of a single building in the world. The investor as well as the executor and operator of this complex is the South Korea-based company named Keangnam Enterprises, Ltd.

The complex features a 5-star hotel, offices, entertainment areas, retail spaces, clinics and convention centers. Keangnam Landmark 72 is the world’s 35th-highest building and the highest in Indochina Peninsula.

Landmark 72 is the site of Vietnam’s highest building.

Apartment’s Interior Design
1. Living room: Modern designs with elegant interiors
* Entrance floor
* Large sign shoes closet
* Living room floor:
* Beautiful decorated art wall
* Indirect lighting box
* Home automation system
* Air-conditioner system (One-way cassette type)

2. Bedroom:
 Modern designs with elegant interiors
* Bedrooms wooden floor
* Wall-in closet
* Built-in closet in one room
* Built-in closet in two rooms
* Air-conditioner system

3. Dining room: supreme finishes and simplified beauty
* System kitchen
* Multi-functioned room
* Top board
* Back wall of sink table
* High quality 4 hobs electric cooker
* Fridge
* Washing machine
* Range hood
* Deck type sink table
* Electricity water heater (central water treament system)

4. Bathroom: supreme finishes and simplified beauty
* Bathroom LCD TV Phone (master room of 206 Type, 406 Type, 425 Type)
* Hands-free speaker phone (master room of 206 Type, 406 Type, 425 Type)
* Shower booth
* Rain shower set in shower booth
* Acrylic bathtub (master bathroom of 406 Type, 425 Type – Whirlpool Type only)
* High quality wash counter and table
* Efficient and well designed water suppliers
* Luxury accessories
* High pressures exhaust fan.

* Lounge
* Rock climbing
* Reading room
* Children’s room
* Sport facilities including: fitness centre, tennis court, badminton court, table tennis, swimming pool for adults and children, indoor climbing wall
* Children’s play ground and learning Academy
* Billiard room
* Landscaped garden
* Roof garden
* Home automation system providing 24/24 hour security, on-line gauge examination, systematic control of parking lot and gate, etc
* High speed IT infrastructure and satellite television system
* One stop convenience with all your daily needs: shops, restaurants, banks etc
* Public facilities

* Vietnams’ first intelligent residential building with the most advanced engineering technology and state-of-the-art-architecture
* Great view through crystal transparent windows
* Excellent protection from hot or cool air with high energy efficiencies
* Excellent absorption of humidity, noise, vibration and fire
* Strong long lasting and an-ti corrosive material Aluminum
* World class sustainable architecture through typhoon simulation tests and earthquake-proof structural design
* Global standard safety tested with emergency and fire simulation
* Water sprinkler system installed on every floor.

Rental rate: $800- $2500 per month depends on which types and size of apartment such as: 107, 118, 126, 156, 160, 206,406, 425m2.

Buillding pool


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